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Who we are

Khukriwala Handicraft is focus on quality and excellent work.

Our Vision

We deals in Khukries, Daggers, Knives, Swords, Axes, Medieval helmets, Shields, Walking sticks, Bugles, Nautical, chain mails, horns items, miscellaneous items etc.


was innovated in the time 1962 at Dehradun, India. The company is a reputed Manufacturer and Exporter of beautifully designed Armor Products.
All the affairs of the association are managed under the guidance of Mr. Muzahid Nizam the Proprietor.
Below we've mentioned many highlights that depict our credibility in the request. Our vision with an end tore-create those moments of power and passion where lives were at stake with every taken breath, we've drafted authentic designs of the munitions, armors and other papers that were used in literal Times.
We want to make our presence felt in every mainland of the globe and are willing to grow as presto as possible.
Structure located at the Dehradun, our structure is backed by advanced ministry and other affiliated tools used in the bulk products of Armor Products.
Likewise effective telecommunication and transportation modes round our structure enabling us to timely deliver our products in the public and transnational requests.
Team having a group of people who are committed to offer maximum customer satisfaction, our platoon is fully integrated that works to design and develop products according to the conditions of the guests.

Also, they completely check every phase of product, packaging, and distribution to insure the quality of the products.

Mr. Akhlaquddin who governs the complete manufacturing unit is a stager and entrepreneur of KHUKRIWALA guests can communicate him freely for any queryorder and he ensures that it's responded instantly and effectively.


manufacturers & exporters of sword - craft and gallery pieces similar as Khukries, Daggers, Hunting shanks, brands, Axes, Handcuffs, Fetters( Gyres), Cartridge sacks. Armors like soldiers Helmets & Jackets, Buffers, midriff - Cinches, brands - sticks, Walking sticks, Bugles, Marine Instruments, etc. Each Item is precisely and elegantly hand made with traditional skill handed down to us from centuries of experience and trust ability. Our particulars include showpieces of literal & ancient numbers reproduces to their originality and shape.

Khukriwala is synonymous to Quality and Excellence. The establishment is positioned in a Graphic Doon Valley at bottom - hills of Himalayas girdled  by shivalik range of hill and falls on way to' Mussoorie' the' Queen of Hills'( the world famed hill station) in the state of Uttaranchal in India. This establishment was innovated as an handworker’s factory in Dehradun which is principally a cantonment area which is the State Capital now. Our products are made by a platoon of devoted crafters and tradesmen who are plushy endured in their fields and the products are completely audited by our quality control labor force at all stages of product. The client’s satisfaction is our aphorism and we maintain it from procurement of order till it reaches the buyer.

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About Us
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About Us
We deals in Khukries, Daggers, Knives, Swords, Axes, Medieval helmets, Shields, Walking sticks, Bugles, Nautical, chain mails, horns items, miscellaneous items etc.